Dolby Music Experience

Marcos Witt

(December 2022 - Las Vegas) The renowned Christian singer Marcos Witt, winner of 6 Latin Grammy Awards, experienced for the first time listening to his album "Vivive" in Dolby Atmos mixed by Martin Kano. The video will soon be available on all Dolby Laboratories social networks.



(September 2022) The renowned website dedicated to On Line courses "Domestika" signed Martin Kano to offer a seminar on Musical Production, Mixing and Mastering which was filmed in Bogota, Colombia and will go on sale at the end of 2022.

Dolby Atmos

Tiago PZK

(July 2022) After the release of Tiago PZK's "Portales" Album, Amazon Music, Warner Music, Dolby Laboratories, Move Entertainment, Blindsound and Martin Kano were part of the event for fans called "Dolby Experience" where renowned influencers and fans were able to listen exclusively the recent release of Tiago PZK's album in the Dolby Atmos Music format on the Amazon Music platform.